Antenna Design Service

Simulation Design

Simulation design for mobile phone, notebook, automotive ,Wi-fi, Bluetooth, GPS, front-end module, total mobile solutions

Design Standard

Meet design for CTIA, IEEE802.11 a/ b/ c/ g/ ac TRP/ TIS/ SAR/ EMI/ EMF/ HAC

Training Support

Simulation tool and training support

Advanced Research

Antenna technology research

Antenna Solutions Portfolio

Industrial Solution
Small Cell Base Station
Network Product
Small Cell Base Station
Smart Phone, Tablet, Notebook, AIO Computing
Smart Home Entertainment
WLAN, WWAN, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC, ZigBee, GPS

Antenna Type

External Antenna
Metal Stamping
PCB + Cable
FPC + Carrier
Chip Type

AP Router, automobile, laptop, tablet, pad, mobile, smart phone, IPC device, tracker, IOT device and any kinds of personal wireless devices.

Antenna Measurement Facilities

  • 15+ OTA Chambers
  • 7+ DASY SAR & HAC Test Systems
  • Noise Measurement Chambers
  • NFC & EMVco Test Systems
  • Milling Machines, 3D Printer
  • 10+ EMI / EMC labs

Manufacturing Capability

  • Prototype over molding
  • Vertical and Horizontal injection molding
  • Semi-Automated assembly machinery
  • Ultrasonic welding Machine
  • Coil wire machinery
  • Ni-Ti Wire feeding and Crimping Machine
  • RF testing Network analyzers
  • Precision Stamping
  • Heat insertion Machinery
  • CNC Lathers
  • Bending / Pulling
Quantity / M
Production Line
Production Space

28M x 1
24M x 1
20M x 1200M²
  • One Shift

  • More 30% Extending Production Vacancy

Simulation Capability

  • Early comprehensive assessment
  • Limit costly prototyping
  • Reduce cost of defects
  • Design antennas in real-world usage conditions (with head and hand).
  • Establish a good starting estimate for later compliance measurements.


High Performance Small Cell Antenna


  • Cover LTE band 700/850/900/1900/2300/2500
  • Low profile
  • Easily mount to ceiling
  • Support 2×2 MIMO


Enterprise applications, indoor environments,  Warehouse, Offices, Libraries, Train Stations, Airport..

High Performance Small Cell Antenna 2